...the purpose in blessing, encouraging and inspiring, but it’s the heart-felt ballads, You’re Gonna Make It Through, By His Stripes and Be Glorified are where Rushes’ inhibitions are met and dealt with exhibiting her vocal gifts that propel this project to another height.

Singing many years with Reverend James Cleveland and a longtime member of the predominantly African-American ministry, West Angeles Church of God in Christ, Rushes, a native Californian, hopes that STAND UP FOR JESUS will continue to spread Christ’s good news offering spiritual happiness and hope beyond the listener’s circumstance.

“I want people to know that God is a healer, that nothing is impossible for the Lord, and I want people to be blessed and inspired and have renewed hope.”

STAND UP FOR JESUS is an overdue project where guest songwriters, original music and producer Kurt Carr create a signature sound for Rushes.  So get ready to “Stand Up For Jesus.”